There was a time when installing a fireplace was a huge ordeal. Finding an old home with one already installed was a big selling point for homes and still is. However, times have changed. It is now possible to have a fireplace installed in one or two days or possibly extending to 2 weeks depending […]
What can be a more cozy and home-like feeling than gathering around a fire with your family or loved ones or even by yourself with a warm cup of cocoa? For thousands of years firewood has been used as a heat source. Keep your fireplace or fire pit burning or enjoy an evening meal outside […]
When it comes to managing ice on your walkways and driveways, it can be very tempting to use an inexpensive rock salt. However, the damage and danger that this can cause are not worth the few dollars you would save on a less expensive, low quality compound. Using the old-fashioned rock salt can cause damage […]
Are you contemplating getting a fire pit for your home? Here are some reasons on why you should say yes! For starters, the budget range for fire pits are huge. Fire pits can range anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars. Whether you are looking to have a simple metal pit or a fully customized […]
Every year the DIY’ers break out their knotted lights and their rusty ladders and attempt to hang their own holiday lights or even take them down, usually in harsh weather conditions. Many of these people end up getting injured and unfortunately even worse! From high falls, electrocutions or lacerations from broken bulbs, there is a […]
What will you do with your extra fruits and vegetables from your garden this year? You can really elongate the amount of months your garden provides food to you and your family by jarring! When food is exposed to the air, it is also being exposed to bacteria. Be sure to clean your vegetables and […]
If you are on Long Island, you are aware of the recent storm we were hit with. After 80-90 mile per hour winds, you may have noticed the damage caused to the trees and plants. If not, take a look at the featured image above so that you can see what wind/salt burn looks like. […]
This extremely versatile aggregate can be used in so many ways on your landscape. Here are 5 useful ways you can use gravel on your property. Gravel offers affordable and beautiful options for you! Take a look at the aggregates we offer here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center. If you have any questions, feel […]
Perhaps you are wondering, do I really need mulch in my garden or in my landscape? Here are some reasons why mulch is a must-have and should be used. Be sure to use great quality mulch for the most benefit. Here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center, we have been very particular in the quality […]
Including flavor chips into your cooking can truly expand your options. Try some of our many flavors to spice things up. Enjoy these 3 original flavor chip recipes! To begin, prepare your chosen flavor of Smoking Flavor Chips by soaking several handfuls for a half-hour in cold water. Be sure to allow them enough time […]

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