Pondmaster Fountain Head Kits – Get creative!

How can you bring your pond from ordinary to extraordinary?

Consider adding a fountain head. This addition adds beauty and the sounds of flowing water to your pond. It also helps oxygenate your water to maintain a healthy pond ecosystem. With several options available, it’s easy to fit your preference and pump capacities. The versatility of the fountain heads allows you to adjust the placement until you find a look that fits your style.  You can add them in a row or circular formation or put them in individual pots. Adding lighting can enhance the look with a stunning visual effect, especially with alternating submersible colored lights placed below them.  

Including water plants can be a great addition as well.  Just be sure to stay away from plants that are easily damaged.  Water lilies and hyacinths are hardy options.  Let us help you pick the perfect fountain head, lighting and water plants to enhance your pond here at Hewlynn Home & Garden Center.

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