How to Heal Grass Burn

  1. What causes grass to burn?

First and foremost, please know that even in cases where you are taking impeccable care of your lawn, grass burn can still occur. It’s very possible that you did nothing wrong, so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are a lover of the outdoors and have done the work to maintain a beautiful lawn, we know this can be a very frustrating issue and can cause a lot of worry, but we will arm you with solutions. 

One of the main causes of burnt grass are those adorable little animals we all know and love who decide that your lawn is their preferred area to relieve themselves. Urine and other excretions from animals leave behind excess nitrogen which can cause brown spots and even extreme heat stress (also known as “Heat Stroke”) may cause burnt grass. Unfortunately, these are factors that are out of your control and out of the control of any company caring for your property. Under-watering can also be another cause, which could be linked to a broken sprinkler or sprinkler clock needing a repair or needing to simply be reset if it was shut off. Low water pressure can also be the culprit for grass burn. If the water pressure in your home is low, this is something that can only be resolved through your local township. Low water pressure can result in water not reaching all areas of your lawn. Burnt grass can also occur from forgetting to water your lawn or not watering between the optimal watering times during high heat (which is ideally between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.).

You must remember that the amazing gift of grass, which serves our homes with extra beauty, is a living and breathing organism and requires very specific living conditions and tender loving care in order to thrive. For this reason, it is helpful to have an experienced professional care for your lawn. But anyone is capable of learning how to fix this issue with a little bit of patience and education. 

  1. How can you fix it?

Determining the severity of the grass burn will help you to reach the proper solution.  If the burn has reached the root level or a widespread fertilizer burn has occurred, your grass may be dead and will not return. If your roots are brown, dried out and shriveled up, this is how you’ll be able to tell if the roots of your grass have died or not. It is also important to check more than one area of your roots to get a thorough view of the condition of your lawn. If your roots are dead, reseeding will need to be done in the fall season. There is also the option of professionally replacing a burnt area of grass with a high-quality sod. If the burnt area is small, reseeding will be the most cost-effective choice. However, if it is a larger area, sod would be a better choice. If the damage has not reached the roots, then a consistent watering schedule will potentially and hopefully revive your grass.  Be aware that even if your roots have died, it is imperative that you provide more watering than usual to assist the excess nitrogen in being flushed out and to push other minerals into the soil. An average of one inch of water per day until your lawn has returned to its healthy state is recommended. You will also need to lightly rake or till the affected area to loosen any grass that may be packed down into the soil making it hard for your lawn to absorb the moisture from watering. Once your grass begins to grow back and has reached 3 inches or higher, you may now start cutting your grass to stimulate growth, while leaving the cuttings on the ground to provide insulation and to assist your soil in remaining moist. You will also need to spread natural fertilizer properly over your lawn which may require using a spreader to ensure you have thoroughly covered all areas. 

  1. What to expect?

Truth be told, nothing will magically fix your lawn or reverse grass burn. Just like all healing processes for every living organism, healing takes time. Patience will certainly be required through this process. Continue to water your lawn even if it may seem to not be having an effect. Remain consistent and do not give up hope. Your lawn can be saved! 

We hope this article has been helpful and informative for you. Please join us here at The Backyard Digest every month for more tips, hacks and educational information for your home and garden. 

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