8 Ways to Elevate Your Patio

Having a Pool Patio can add a true element of beauty to your hardscape, but how can you take it to the next level? What sets your design apart from every other pool patio out there? There are a great many options that have the ability to turn your patio into a backyard haven. Here are 8 ways to elevate your pool patio. 

1. Consider adding a Paver Circle Kit to your hardscape. Circle kits can be customized in colors and shapes or can be purchased with a set design. This gives the opportunity to accentuate a particular area such as an eating area with a patio table and seating. 

2. Another great option is to add a Fire Pit which is also customizable or can be purchased as a kit. This can be a very entertaining space, used for a nice warm area to gather. Seating can also be created using pavers as well to complete the look of your fire pit. 

3. Have a Diving board installed to add to the pool fun or go for a natural look by adding a unique Diving Rock. These come in a variety of styles and can really upgrade the entire look of your pool. 

4. A Fire Pit Waterfall addition to your pool is both useful and stunning! Light up the night with the beautiful flames, keep warm and wow your guests! This feature can be customized to match your current décor and hardscape and also gives you the option to add a variety of seating options on the outer side of the fire pit. 

5. Adding a Pergola to your patio is a wonderful way to add shading and an elegant look to your yard! Pergolas come in many sizes and several different material options and can be painted or stained with a variety of colors. You can also use it as a focal point to accentuate a specific area. 

6. If your pool patio happens to be on a slightly higher ground, or you are having your patio built from scratch, consider adding a Stairway leading to your pool area. With the beauty of pier columns on each side you can also create a classic and stylish look. 

7. What could be better than having an Outdoor Kitchen built on your pool patio? When entertaining guests at a pool party, fire up the grill while also serving drinks right from the added features of a built-in refrigerator. Make cleaning up a breeze with your outdoor kitchen sink. The outdoor kitchen additional features can truly provide a complete kitchen experience outdoors. 

8. Stepping Stones can be used on more than just grass, they can also be randomly placed throughout pavers and surrounded with a variety of gravel. Create a gorgeous walkway surrounding your pool or to designate a special area of your patio. Play around with different colored gravel and different styles of stepping stones. 

View our video below to see how these options look when utilized in designs done by our sister company Basics Landscaping & Construction. For those of you who are looking to enhance your property and are solely looking for materials, be sure to visit our retail store here at Hewlynn Home & Garden Center and see our outdoor showroom to see the many paver, stone and aggregate options available to you!

We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has provided you with some design inspirations for your own property. Visit us each month for more educational blog posts on all things home and garden.

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