Intex pools and other temporary type pools are a perfect starter or money saving pool so many of us chose them.  They give you a little slice of pool heaven without hitting your wallet.  Did you know there are equipment options with which you can enhance your Intex pool and reduce the maintenance involved?  A great place to start is upgrading your filter and pump system.  The filter that comes with an Intex pool is standard to give it a competitive price point.  A larger Hayward filtration system will offer several benefits to your pool. More powerful pump and filter combinations can reduce run time while improving water clarity.  The enhanced circulation will maximize the benefits of the chemicals used to balance and sanitize the water. The durability and value associated with Hayward will also give you peace of mind for any necessary support or availability of replacement parts as needed.

The Hayward VL40T32 sand filter and pump combination is the number one recommended unit for the Intex pools. Its compatibility, affordable price point and easy installation process make the decision to do so a no-brainer. Depending on the size of Intex pool you have, it may be better to choose the Hayward 21” sand filter which would also allow for use in a more permanent above ground pool if you decide to upgrade one day.

When selecting the correct equipment, you need to be careful to size properly and make sure that the replacement model that you select can be used with your Intex pool type and fittings. We are happy to help you find the product that best fit your needs.  Stop in and ask one of our experts today!

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