How to use Propane Safely

With the lowest carbon content of any fossil fuel, propane is a great energy source that many of us use in a variety of ways. Propane burns twice the energy of its electric counterparts and burns hotter than natural gas meaning you need less to get the work done.  Did you know that charcoal grills release 105 times more carbon monoxide than propane grills?  It is clear why many choose it as the power source for their outdoor needs.  

With that in mind, it is important to be aware of the best practices for using/storing propane in order to ensure optimal safety for your home and family.  We can offer you some basic safety tips.   

  • Outdoor propane equipment and appliances should never be used indoors. 
  • Propane tanks should never be stored indoors or in an enclosed area such as a garage, shed, or basement.
  • Appliance parts such as valves and regulators should never be modified or repaired without an expert.  
  • When transporting your cylinder tanks, store them in a secure upright position to prevent rolling.  
  • Don’t leave your tank in a hot vehicle for an extended time.  
  • When bringing a tank in for an exchange, your tank should remain outdoors during the exchange.  It does not come into the store for added safety.  

Be aware of the warning signs that something isn’t right.  While propane is non-toxic and virtually odorless, a chemical smell is added to be able to detect possible leaks to assist in the safe usage of propane.  

  • A smell similar to rotten eggs can be a sign that you have a propane leak.  
  • Propane should burn with a blue flame.  If you are seeing yellow or irregular flames, it could be a sign that carbon monoxide is being released.  
  • If you are noticing a soot build up in and around your appliances, that can also be an indication that the propane isn’t burning properly and that carbon monoxide is present.  

If you suspect a gas leak, it is important to take action.  Ensure there are no flames or sparks near the tank, turn off the gas source, leave the area, and consult with a professional to assess your system.  When in doubt, it is best to call an expert to help you.  

Remember to stop in for our propane tank exchange or to buy a new/additional tank for your home.  Do you need assistance with your propane grill?  Ask how we can help you attain the parts and accessories that you need to keep it running well. 

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