How to seal your own driveway!

Proper maintenance of your driveway is a task that reaps both financial and aesthetic benefits.  Sealing your driveway will extend the life of the surface, thereby protecting your investment and requiring less overall repair.  It also enhances the appearance of your driveway making it look like new.  Begin with a properly installed driveway and continue to keep that quality and visual appeal with regular care.  A high quality sealer helps to seal the pores against UV and heat damage, water penetration, and freeze and thaw cycles.  

Proper preparation of your driveway for sealing can take a full day but the application phase is much quicker, generally only taking a few hours.  There are key steps to success and to making the process as effortless as possible.  


  1. Check the weather before you begin. You need at least one full day of dry weather with temperatures above 60o although very hot days are not ideal either.  
  2. Using a leaf blower, clear the driveway of debris.
  3. Use a power washer or a garden hose to apply a driveway cleaner and scrub the driveway with a stiff bristle push broom (if necessary depending on the condition of the driveway).  
  4. Pull all visible weeds from cracks and properly fill cracks ahead of time.  
  5. Rinse the driveway with a strong stream of water and let it completely dry.  
  6. Treat oil spot stains with an oil primer and brush it into the pores with a brush. 


  1. It is advised to wear old clothes and shoes.  
  2. Cover areas like the garage door, bricks, lighting and walkways with poly sheeting and duct tape to prevent splashes.
  3. Proper stirring is important.  Begin by covering an area of the driveway with poly sheeting to protect it from spills as you stir.  The water and solids need to be a consistent mixture.  Cycling the mixing paddle up and down is key.  Stir until smooth. 
  4. Apply a liberal coating to all four edges/sides of the driveway being sure not to spread too thin.  Then use a large squeegee to cut in all four edges.  
  5. Begin by reading the estimated coverage area on the bucket.  Approximate the amount of area each pail will cover and stage the pails throughout your driveway accordingly.  This will mean walking through less wet sealer to get to the next pail.  
  6. Start at the top corner of the driveway and pour sealer in smaller areas.  Pull the asphalt sealer toward you with a squeegee tool or wide broom as you back yourself down the length of the driveway.  
  7. Using even pressure, spread the sealer across the driveway, picking up the excess sealer and starting a new row. 
  8. Upon completion of the driveway, use the pails or caution tape along the end to prevent cars from entering the driveway.  
  9. Let the sealer dry overnight.  Try to prevent vehicle traffic for 24 to 48 hours.  

You can find the sealers you need here at Hewlynn.  We only carry VelveTop which has a strong reputation for quality.  Ask us how we can help today!

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