Bringing a water feature to your yard isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it is also pleasing to the soul.  Listening to the flow of water is linked to many emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits allowing us to feel happier, healthier, calmer, and more creative.  We are naturally connected to water as seventy percent of our bodies […]
Many of us enjoy a good “Do-it-yourself” project around the house.  At times, it can save us money and give us the satisfaction of setting a goal and completing it.  But, there are also many times when trusting a project to the professionals is our best call.   At times, this choice can seem costly.  However, […]
The upholstery attachment on the carpet cleaner is a secret “cleaning weapon” to add to your arsenal.  Do you want to prolong the life of your furniture while keeping it looking its best?  The upholstery attachment is a great tool for that.  It offers you the opportunity to easily clean upholstered chairs, fabric couches, sofas […]
They say timing is everything, and knowing the right time to mulch is no exception.  Planning your mulching time will benefit you and your yard in so many ways.   Not only does it look attractive, but it also helps to regulate soil temperature and moisture while enriching the soil and preventing erosion.  With these benefits […]
So you’ve made a decision to have pavers installed in your home. Perhaps it’s for a patio, driveway, walkway, a wall, pier column or even a stairway! This is an exciting time and a decision that will last for many years to come. With the thousands of pavers to choose from, the decision can be […]
Are you thinking about purchasing a Wood Burning Pizza Oven for your yard? Perhaps a little bit of history will solidify your decision when you hear about how these fascinating contraptions have been such an integral part of our world. Wood burning ovens date back as far as 4,000 years ago. During archeological excavations, nearly […]
There was a time when installing a fireplace was a huge ordeal. Finding an old home with one already installed was a big selling point for homes and still is. However, times have changed. It is now possible to have a fireplace installed in one or two days or possibly extending to 2 weeks depending […]
What can be a more cozy and home-like feeling than gathering around a fire with your family or loved ones or even by yourself with a warm cup of cocoa? For thousands of years firewood has been used as a heat source. Keep your fireplace or fire pit burning or enjoy an evening meal outside […]
When it comes to managing ice on your walkways and driveways, it can be very tempting to use an inexpensive rock salt. However, the damage and danger that this can cause are not worth the few dollars you would save on a less expensive, low quality compound. Using the old-fashioned rock salt can cause damage […]
Are you contemplating getting a fire pit for your home? Here are some reasons on why you should say yes! For starters, the budget range for fire pits are huge. Fire pits can range anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars. Whether you are looking to have a simple metal pit or a fully customized […]
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