Water Testing!!

Not many people know that using Enzymes regularly in your above ground and in ground pool can help in many ways. Helps Destroy: Body Oils Detergents Dirt Pollen Sun Tan Lotions Helps with: Waterline Build Up Saves on Chlorine Use Keeping filters cleaner longer Bring your water to be tested for FREE by one of [...]

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Beat the Mosquito’s with a few helpful Hints

Bonide Company makes several products that help with Mosquitoes, they last up to 3 weeks and depending on your property and your surroundings will determine how often you need to treat. The application is super simple you can attach a bottle to your hose and spray away on shrubs and other areas or even shake [...]

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Tips on using your BBQ’s

A lot of people will grill all year round, but for most now is Grill Season! There are a few little secrets we can let you in on to save you some money and time throughout the Summer. When you start the grill you only need to open the valve slightly just open minimally, by [...]

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Benefits of Mulching your property.

What are the benefits of mulching your property? Mulching is not only aesthetically pleasing but it comes with several advantages as well. When you install mulch around plants it helps retain moisture for the plant so it does not get dried out and can save on watering bills- huge advantage! Mulch helps prevent or slow [...]

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Protecting Your Trees & Shrubs On Long Island

Long Island's harsh climate is often responsible for severe damage to landscape plants. Winter sun, wind, and cold temperatures can bleach and desiccate evergreen foliage, damage bark, and injure or kill branches, flowerbuds, and roots. Snow and ice can break branches and topple entire trees. Salt used for deicing streets, sidewalks, and parking lots is [...]

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Open Now! The Christmas Store in Deer Park

Experience the magic of Christmas at The Hewlynn Garden Center Christmas Store, located in Deer Park, NY. Here you are sure to find just what you would expect in the only town named after jolly Ole St. Nick. From beautiful gifts, collectibles, Christmas tree ornaments and brilliant twinkling light displays to the warm mouth-watering aroma [...]

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Whether weeds or fall leaves have taken over your lawn, we can help restore your yard to its former beauty. Typically, a clean up can be completed in less than a day and often results in a drastic improvement that can be enjoyed that same evening. In order to best serve our customer’s needs, [...]

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