Few things in your backyard can help to melt the stress and tension away like your own hot tub.  The key is keeping it properly maintained which will help to provide years of health benefits and longevity to your investment.  Without maintenance you could be at risk for rashes, eye issues, ear problems and exposure to harmful bacteria.  What are some contaminants you will find in hot tub water?  Algae, pollen, seeds and dirt can get into your water from the outside.  Bacteria and other microorganisms can thrive in warm moist places so their presence is expected as well.  Due to the high temperatures, bodily residue and personal care products also find their way into our hot tub water.  Plus, our water naturally can have improper pH or metal contents.  These things if not properly treated can turn the benefits of your Jacuzzi into dangerous problems. 

What can you do to stay on top of your hot tub maintenance?  Test your water regularly.  Ensure that your pH and alkalinity balances are within proper levels. Keep an eye out for cloudy water, discolored water, odor or foam.  Flush your system with the proper chemicals to ensure your pipes and jets are clean.  Drain your hot tub periodically (at least every six months) to help keep the system clear.  Clean the inside of your tub well before refilling.  It is also crucial to clean or replace your filter as needed. Make sure to balance the calcium between the acceptable levels to protect your equipment. We can help you keep your investment a healthy and safe place for your family and friends.  Ask our experts how we can assist you with hot tub maintenance. 

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