Hawyard Robotic Pool Cleaners! (AquaVac 6 Series Expert Line)

Jumping into a pool on a hot summer’s day is one of the best feelings.  While we all love that refreshing relaxation, keeping our pool clean can be a bit tedious.  That is where the line of Hayward Robotic pool cleaners steps in to save the day!

In particular, the AquaVac 6 Series of robotic cleaners offers first-of-their-kind capabilities that are sure to impress.  With patented filterless SpinTech technology, there are no filters to clean and maximum suction power is maintained.  The six speed rollers with adapted traction control move easily over obstacles and allow for full coverage cleaning of pool surfaces.  The easily removed debris canister with a quick release button makes clean-up a breeze.  If you want the latest in innovation and solution driven technology, they are a great line of pool cleaners to check out.  Technology brings this Aquavac 650 to the next level with the use of the phone app to control the cleaner…this is great when you need to spot clean specific areas and are short on time. We are happy to help you select the best fit for you today!

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