All of your propane needs:

  • We Exchange tanks at the lowest price around for $19.99 plus tax.
  • If you have an expired propane tank, we can upgrade your tank for $34.99 plus tax. *This means if you bring in an expired tank we will give you a new filled propane tank.
  • We have new tanks for purchase as well for $59.99 plus tax. *This means if you come in without a tank, we will give you a new filled propane tank.

Also be sure to pick up a Propane Tank Gauge or a Propane Tank Level Indicator Digital Scale to keep track of how much propane is left in your tank. Convenient, well priced and saves you time and money!

When visiting our store for an exchange, please remember to leave your empty tank outside. Never bring any propane tanks inside of the building. Thank you.

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