Hawyard Robotic Pool Cleaners! (AquaVac 6 Series Expert Line)

Jumping into a pool on a hot summer’s day is one of the best feelings.  While we all love that refreshing relaxation, keeping our pool clean can be a bit tedious.  That is where the line of Hayward Robotic pool cleaners steps in to save the day! In particular, the AquaVac 6 Series of robotic […]

Your Pavilion: The Perfect Destination

Pavilions are an excellent way to add elegance to your backyard and to provide a simple retreat when you need a little escape from everyday life.  That is why they can be your perfect backyard destination.  Whether you want to reflect, relish a quiet cup of coffee in the early morning, escape the afternoon sun, […]


This extremely versatile aggregate can be used in so many ways on your landscape. Here are 5 useful ways you can use gravel on your property. Gravel offers affordable and beautiful options for you! Take a look at the aggregates we offer here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center. If you have any questions, feel […]


What will you do with your extra fruits and vegetables from your garden this year? You can really elongate the amount of months your garden provides food to you and your family by jarring! When food is exposed to the air, it is also being exposed to bacteria. Be sure to clean your vegetables and […]


We seasoned garden owners know the joy and pleasure that having a garden offers. Oftentimes I have heard people say that they wish they could start a garden, but they do not know how. We are very lucky to live in a time where information is readily available for us to accomplish nearly any task. […]


If you are on Long Island, you are aware of the recent storm we were hit with. After 80-90 mile per hour winds, you may have noticed the damage caused to the trees and plants. If not, take a look at the featured image above so that you can see what wind/salt burn looks like. […]


Some Insects are your Garden’s Friends. Here are 5 insects which help to maintain pest control in your garden. Ground Beetles live beneath mulch in the soil and around perennials. They create vertical tunnels in the ground, which they use to trap their prey. They mostly travel at night so you may not see them […]

How to use your Patch Liner Repair Kit:

If you have a pond, you are aware of how pricey a pond liner can be. Should you happen to end up with a tear in your liner, you’ll find that you can lose quite a bit of water from just a small tear. You will find it is much more cost effective to purchase […]

Quarantine Pool Entertainment

Getting tired of watching movies? Have you run out of things to stream? Need some additional entertainment outside? We have a variety of pool floats that provide a ton of fun, especially once the competitive nature in everyone hits. Our store is open during this time, stop on by and check out our selection. You’ll […]

Survival Gardening

During these rather unique times we are facing, each time we risk our well-being to go out food shopping at our local supermarket we see more and more scarcity of food. Our produce sections have become limited and everyone is doing their best to survive. Here are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in […]