Quarantine Pool Entertainment

Getting tired of watching movies? Have you run out of things to stream? Need some additional entertainment outside? We have a variety of pool floats that provide a ton of fun, especially once the competitive nature in everyone hits. Our store is open during this time, stop on by and check out our selection. You’ll be a hit when you bring home a great time for your family during this quarantined time!

Power Blaster Contest: This set is blasting with fun! While at home during this quarantine, why not have a Power Blaster Contest? It is a great way to turn up the fun during pool time. Who will win? Challenge boys against girls or you can even purchase more than one set and have teams. It is non-stop fun and even provides a nice workout!

Floating Tic Tac Toe: Getting tired of sitting in the house? Want a way to both cool off and play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe? Here it is. Challenge your family at home with this fun pool float. Play the game just for fun or turn up the stakes by having the loser do a lap around the pool. Get creative, be safe and have a good time!

Pool Basketball: A classic! Who does not love playing a good round of basketball while being cooled off? No matter your age, this is a great addition to any pool. Practice your jump shot from the other side of the pool. Have a contest to see who can get the most free throw shots in. The imaginative possibilities are endless.

We’re open! Come and in and check out our selection!

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