How to use your Patch Liner Repair Kit:

If you have a pond, you are aware of how pricey a pond liner can be. Should you happen to end up with a tear in your liner, you’ll find that you can lose quite a bit of water from just a small tear. You will find it is much more cost effective to purchase a patch liner repair kit. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to efficiently use your kit (sold here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center, along with all of your pond maintenance parts and equipment needs):


Step 1: Determine your liner type

Different types of liners require specific kinds of kits. Find out if you have one made from PVC, EPDM or butyl rubber. If you happen to have a rigid liner, you will need to hire a professional to repair it for you.


Step 2: Transfer your fish

If you happen to have fish in your pond, you must transfer them out of your pond very carefully. Empty the water from your pond into a large enough container to hold your fish in during your patching process. You must use the same water from the pond to keep your fish from getting sick or worse. Be sure to empty enough of the water to have at least 12 inches below the tear in your liner so that you may have a dry area over it and your patch will stick properly. If the tear is on the bottom, you will need to empty the entire pond.


Step 3: Clean the surrounding area of the tear

Thoroughly clean at least 5 inches around the torn area and allow it to fully dry. Use masking tape or a lumber crayon to keep track of where your tear is.


Step 4: Prepare your patch

Sometimes patches will lift up on the corners and cause them to come off. With a sharp pair of scissors, trim and round the corners of the patch to avoid this from happening. Your patch will need to be about an inch smaller than the area you have primed.


Step 5: Apply Primer

Check to see if your patch kit came with a small roller. If not, you will need one to apply your primer. Apply it to the area you marked off. Once the primer has become sticky enough, you are ready to apply your patch. Be sure to clean your roller so that you can use it after you have applied your patch.


Step 6: Apply Patch

You are now ready to apply your patch. Peel back the contact paper from the back of your patch. Use your roller to roll over your patch to remove any air bubbles or lifted areas. Continue to do so until your patch is fully smoothed out.


Step 7: Secure your patch

If you’d like to secure your patch further, you may add waterproof sealant around the edges of the patch and allow it to fully dry.


Step 8: Refill your pond

Once your patch and sealant is fully dry, you may now return your water and fish back into your pond. It is very important for your patch to be fully dry. Your kit will let you know the correct amount of dry time.

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