We seasoned garden owners know the joy and pleasure that having a garden offers. Oftentimes I have heard people say that they wish they could start a garden, but they do not know how. We are very lucky to live in a time where information is readily available for us to accomplish nearly any task. Whether it’s a YouTube video online or a book rented from the library or a blog, you have plenty of DIY material at your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to begin small, whether that is one or two pots or a small area of your yard, you can do it! Be sure to use some high quality topsoil and plant food ( both of which can be found here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center). During such a unique time of our lives, perhaps you may want to try planting some vegetables to assist in your survival, or perhaps some flowers for their beauty or a small herb garden. However, why bother? What are the benefits of having a garden and why would you want to begin such an endeavor? Here are some life-lessons having a garden offers you. We hope you enjoy and take into consideration the following true benefits and lessons a garden provides to your life:

  1. Patience: The lesson of patience is taught in no greater way, than when it comes to situations which cannot be rushed. No flower or plant can be rushed in its growth process. Although as humans, we’d love to believe that we may rush our own healing processes as well, that is not the case. All healing and growth take time. The beauty of learning this within a garden is nature rewarding us along the way. How exciting it can be to first see your sprouted seedling pop up out of the soil, or the first time we see a home-grown bell pepper hanging from its stem! Working a garden teaches us that patience is key to tending to our plants and our life itself.
  2. Acceptance: Every now and then, our planting endeavors do not go according to plan. Sometimes we have planted a dud that will not grow, or a natural disaster could wipe away our hard work. Perhaps local rabbits have come and eaten away the vegetables you worked so hard on growing and cultivating. All we can do is pick up the pieces and start again or work with what we have. In this way, we learn acceptance in the garden.
  3. Tenderness: No plant has ever been grown through aggression. Will cannot be forced upon a plant no matter how hard we try. From transplanting a plant to a bigger pot, or gently transferring a sprouted seed to soil, gardening requires tenderness.
  4. Stillness: We have all heard of the expression “stop and smell the flowers” and what better place to do so, than in your own garden? When you’ve had a hand in caring for your garden and helping your plants to grow to be their best, it is a very connected joy and reward to sit back and take in the view. Studies have shown that spending time with your plants amplifies their quality and lifespan.
  5. Work-ethic: Gardening will not always be easy. Sometimes it will require real work and you’ll need to get your hands dirty. Whether it’s pulling up weeds which have a true resistance to you doing so, or lugging bags of soil or mulch, although rewarding, a garden requires some elbow grease. The longer you garden, the less you mind doing such work, because as you give to your garden, so too does your garden give to you!


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