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Survival Gardening - Hewlynn Home & Garden Center

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Survival Gardening

During these rather unique times we are facing, each time we risk our well-being to go out food shopping at our local supermarket we see more and more scarcity of food. Our produce sections have become limited and everyone is doing their best to survive. Here are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in your at home garden to assist you and your family in your survival. Be sure to use a top-quality Topsoil for a higher quality of produce. This can be found here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center. Our topsoil is made with all organic materials and has a high nutritional content. [Order Here]

Potatoes – Potatoes have a long history of being a plant which has helped many people survive during hard times. You can begin with either budded potato slips or whole existing potatoes being planted. These can be grown in large pots very easily and will produce a large amount of potatoes for your home.

Beans – Highly nutritious and extremely easy to grow, could you ask for more in a survival plant? One great benefit is beans do not take nitrogen from the soil and actually take the nitrogen from the air and store it in their roots. This is beneficial for your soil. Many varieties can be grown, such as green beans, French beans, yellow wax beans and bush beans. They can also be grown in small areas if you do not have much space to plant. They are unmatched in taste from any store, when grown at home! Store for future use by either canning them or freezing.

Carrot – Believe it or not, this vegetable originated in Afghanistan over 5,000 years ago. Since this is usually a tough climate area for vegetables to grow in, they tend to grow nearly anywhere. Orange carrots are a fairly new species after having been cross-pollinated, but there are several carrot types to choose from. You can find carrots in purple, white, yellow and more all of which have a slightly different taste, delicious and easy to grow! All of which have a slightly different taste, but all delicious and most importantly. They seed easily and can be stored well after harvest. They also will provide you with thousands of seeds for your next harvest the following year.

Radish – This is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Its growing time is extremely quick, and it grows in abundance. They are believed to have originated from India or China, but no one knows for sure. They take a matter of weeks to root and up to 30 days to be ready to pick, wash and eat. There are many ways to prepare them, providing you and your family with great variety and high nutrition. An added bonus is you can also eat the greens as well. This vegetable is definitely a survival staple.

Zucchini – This vegetable is great for smaller gardens. It’s a big producer and really easy to grow. It grows fast and some zucchini can grow to be rather big, providing more food for you and your loved ones. They can be pickled, cooked or eaten raw. They are filling and pack a nice nutritional punch!

Tomatoes – Some of the easiest types of tomatoes to grow are Early Girl, Better Boy, Celebrity and San Marzano. They do not require much space and will produce many tomatoes to one plant. Even a 1 to 2-foot plant will still provide a large amount. For a longer storage option, they can be canned.

Asian Greens – These greens are the fastest growing out of the greens. Whether you choose red giant mustard greens, Mizuna greens or ruby streak mustard greens, once they are planted, they grow wild and are even hard to get rid of! That is okay though, because they are edible, delicious and healthy for you!

Herbs – Now that you have planted your survival plants, how will you season them should a crisis hit? Why not plant some herbs. Cilantro is fast growing, and tasty. It can be added to salads, into soups and many dishes. Fenugreek is also easy to grow and produces seeds that you can use to grow more plants. They can be grown in pots or even aluminum pans. Lastly, an easy to grow herb is Mint. Just take some cuttings with water and a little bit of dirt, once they’re rooted, plant in a pot and it grows in abundance.

Also, be sure to dress up your garden area and give it your own special touch with Hewlynn’s various options of garden decor! [View Here]

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