Tapping into the beauty and benefits of Koi!

Do you seek serenity as you enjoy the comforts of your backyard oasis?  Looking for a little touch of the exotic?  Including a koi pond in your landscape is a great addition.  While clearly visually appealing, koi are known for swimming upstream no matter what conditions they are facing, making them a true token of perseverance and strength for your home.

While many believe that koi are a large version of goldfish, these exotic beauties are actually carp.  It is rumored that the natural beauty of these fish made them the perfect gift for Emperor Hirohito’s palace moat in 1914 and they quickly became the envy of many countries.  Believed to be a symbol of good luck, these freshwater ornamental fish are now mostly bred for their beautiful addition to your pondscape.  

Their peaceful, relaxing nature can offer you many benefits like stress relief, relaxation, and a touch of elegance while making a treasured “pet/owner connection”.  Sitting on the edge of your koi pond, taking in the beauty, can be rejuvenating and mesmerizing.  Many homeowners report it being one of their favorite spots in the yard.  

Koi fish are lower maintenance than many pets and can stay out year round.  They are intelligent and sociable, each with a distinctive personality.  Koi can also teach you.  They are a great judge of water quality and overall conditions.  Recognizing the signals in their behavior can assist you in being responsive to their needs and to potential changes in their environment. If your Koi is skipping feedings, tending to be only at the bottom of the pond, rubbing along the sides, or has ragged fins, it would be wise to check your pond water levels like the ammonia, pH, phosphates, etc.   A Koi that is swimming abnormally or seems sluggish may be depressed (often caused by transplantation) or may need to be quarantined for further evaluation of a potential illness.  If your Koi is jumping out of the water or appears to be gasping at the surface, it would be wise to check the oxygen level of the water as it may be low.  Also, be aware that if your Koi suddenly seems fearful or skittish it may indicate that a predator has been nearby.  

Koi can truly be a treasure to your yard.  Tapping into the positive energy and inner spirit of a beautiful koi pond can be just what your yard needs! 

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