New Year Garden Kick Off Tips

With the cold weather upon us, it can seem that our gardening tasks have ceased until the spring. However, any good gardener knows that this is the time to kick off your garden! Here are some tasks to prepare for your 2022 garden. 

  1. First and foremost, we have to care for our fine feathered friends who make sitting in our gardens a serene treat. Be sure to fill your bird feeders for the birds who come and visit your garden!
  2. If you are still lucky enough to see the ground and have not been hit with a layer of snow covering your garden, be sure to go around and pick up any debris you would prefer to not be stepped on or damaged once hidden by the snow. This can include tools left behind, large branches or large rocks.
  3. Any plants that you have which cannot survive the cold winter weather should be placed in a pot and brought into the house. Be sure to check these plants thoroughly to avoid bringing in any outside bugs into your home. This can be quite damaging and can cause infestations, so this is a very important step. 
  4. January is a great time to begin considering what seeds you will grow this year.  Most garden connoisseurs purchase their seeds early because if you wait too long, your favorites may sell out.  Creating a plan for your garden vegetables, in particular, can start in the winter months. A wide variety of growing trays can best meet your needs (and space limitations) while helping your young seedlings begin to thrive. 
  5. When considering what plants you would like to have in your garden this year, find out which of them can be started indoors and begin preparing for your planting now.  February is a good time to begin growing seeds in order to have stable plants for your spring and summer outdoor plantings.  Exploring seed catalogs and websites may give you some plant ideas that are hardy and adaptable to take on a new adventure in your garden this spring.
  6. If you notice that some of your tools are in need of repair or replacements, now is the time to do it. You will likely find the best prices since it is out of season and such items are usually marked down.
  7. Insulating the ground around your plants with mulch can really protect them and your soil. Consider adding some mulch around your bushes or any root crops you’ll be leaving in the ground. There are a variety of colors and types which can also make for a beautiful addition to your garden decor on the days where snowfall is not on the ground. Find your mulch and other gardening and winter staples here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center. 

We hope you enjoyed our tips to kick off your 2022 garden! Come back each month for more ways to enhance your home and garden. We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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