What is PennMulch and why should I be using it?

What is PennMulch?

PennMulch is a pelleted mulch that is composed of recycled materials, starter fertilizer, and nutrients.  This unique formulation speeds up the growth time and increases the likelihood of a successful lawn. 

Why should you be using it?

This brilliant product can be used to repair damaged areas of your lawn or even grow a whole new lawn from scratch. Unlike other mulch options, PennMulch requires no raking or cleanup due to its ability to break down naturally over time, decreasing the amount of work you’ll need to put in. PennMulch also contains no weed seeds which means even less work for you.

These seemingly magical pellets help to protect young seeds from environmental damage as they expand by absorbing moisture. As it stores moisture, it also expands to protect the young seeds from creatures that may see it as a tasty snack.  It’s HydrobondTM tackifier helps to hold the seed in place (even over hills and steep slopes) as it becomes established leading to some of the most successful germination you’ve seen. One 50-pound bag can cover up to 650 square feet.

Reduce the amount of work it takes to repair or grow your lawn, increase the quality while reducing the amount of time taken, and help to protect your seeds! Find this and all of your other lawn and garden needs here at your local Hewlynn Home & Garden Center.

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