Bringing a water feature to your yard isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it is also pleasing to the soul.  Listening to the flow of water is linked to many emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits allowing us to feel happier, healthier, calmer, and more creative.  We are naturally connected to water as seventy percent of our bodies are water and more than seventy percent of our Earth is too.   Listening to the white noise of flowing water can induce a meditative state and help us disconnect from the world around us bringing the rhythm of our lives back to nature, even if only for a brief moment.  “The song of water” can also attract birds and wildlife which again brings us back to the natural world.  Even a small space can make good use of a water feature.  In the ancient study of Feng Shui, flowing water represents wealth and prosperity and is a celebration of new opportunities flowing toward you.  Let us design the perfect water feature for you or visit our showroom to see the fountains we have on display!

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