The upholstery attachment on the carpet cleaner is a secret “cleaning weapon” to add to your arsenal.  Do you want to prolong the life of your furniture while keeping it looking its best?  The upholstery attachment is a great tool for that.  It offers you the opportunity to easily clean upholstered chairs, fabric couches, sofas and much more.  Do you have a hard time getting those difficult to reach spots squeaky clean?  The upholstery attachment is your tool for that as well!  It is a great way to clean stairs, corners and other hard to reach places where the full sized machine may not fit.  It is also a way to battle those extra tough stains in a more direct means.  Don’t forget it is yet another way to maximize the benefits of the carpet cleaner in general: removing odors and debris caused by pets, cooking, smoking and air pollution while reducing allergens and improving air quality.  

Pro tips: When using the upholstery attachment, it is a good idea to test a hidden spot on the fabric to ensure that you don’t damage the fabric.  Try to tackle spots sooner than later so that they don’t set in.  Ask today about our rental options for our carpet cleaner and upholstery attachment.  We are happy to help!

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