So you’ve made a decision to have pavers installed in your home. Perhaps it’s for a patio, driveway, walkway, a wall, pier column or even a stairway! This is an exciting time and a decision that will last for many years to come. With the thousands of pavers to choose from, the decision can be overwhelming. Since it is an important investment for your home, you want to be able to do it with the most information possible. 

The first step is choosing your color. You want to choose colors that will complement your home and not something that will overpower the view. While the structure can be a focal point of your yard, you do not want it to compete with the house itself. You may have seen a paver color that your heart was fully set on, yet when you match it up to the house, you find that it does not go well with your home. This can be disappointing. Yet sometimes making minor changes to the house itself, such as adding accent colors to windows shutters, outdoor furniture and decorations can help to tie in a particular color of paver. Some people suggest matching the color to your roofing. While this is usually a good strategy, it isn’t always the way to go. You may want to go a little bit lighter and maybe even choose pavers which have tones that compliment the actual color of your home. If you’re looking to stay natural, we find it is safer to go with grays. Keep in mind that you never want to match your home exactly. Try to stick with a paver that is within the same color family. 

Texture also affects the color. You should see what your paver looks like wet to have an idea of what it will look like when it rains. Keep in mind that all pavers come in a pallet of 100 square feet, so it is helpful to get a mix of 3 pallets to view so that you can see an actual representation of the color. Also, do not make your decision based on only viewing a catalog or pavers online as the color is almost always completely different in person. Before making any major decision, make sure you see your pavers in person and get to touch and feel the texture first-hand. Something else to consider is how hot your paver will become in the heat. If you are putting pavers by your pool or places you will be walking around barefoot you may want to reconsider going with a darker paver if that is what you are leaning towards. 

When choosing your texture, try to think about the functionality of the area your structure will be in. Are you putting it near the pool? In this case, a rougher texture would be useful to prevent slipping. However, if it is a walkway or a patio you may want to go with a smoother paver.

You’ll also want to consider using a different color for your borders in order to really make your pavers stand out. A border can go a long way in design. Manufacturers have spent countless time and money on creating different types of pavers to give the look of stone, or a traditional or contemporary look, etc. Border options are just as versatile as the pavers you’ll use for the center. Some have rounded edges and can really make a great difference on how your finished product turns out. 

Hewlynn Home and Garden Center offers several brands of pavers. As with all of our products, we only stand behind brands we have seen to be dependable and of the highest quality. We also have in-house designers who can assist in choosing the right paver for you, but ultimately the choice of paver is up to you, the homeowner. If you happen to be doing the project yourself and are in need of pavers, we have you covered. If you should happen to find that you would rather have your structure professionally installed, we highly recommend our sister company Basics Landscaping and Construction. We have designed and built an entire Design Center outside to give our customers ideas of what is possible at their own homes. Come on down and see your pavers in person and view our showroom. We are more than happy to answer some questions for you, we have catalogs available and samples displayed to truly assist you with finding what is right for your home!

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