There was a time when installing a fireplace was a huge ordeal. Finding an old home with one already installed was a big selling point for homes and still is. However, times have changed. It is now possible to have a fireplace installed in one or two days or possibly extending to 2 weeks depending on the type you are looking to have. There are kits which allow you to install them yourself if you are handy.  But as with most home installations, it is best to use a professional. 

The design possibilities are vast and can have such a beautiful impact on your home. No one can deny the benefit of lowering your heating costs.  Yet, adding a fireplace can also expand your storage capacities, enhance the beauty of your home and create a cozy, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The days of having an old brick mantel as your only fireplace option are over. There are a variety of veneer options, natural stone options and even natural fuel fireplace inserts which can be inserted into customized entertainment centers and shelving units. 

If you are looking to have a wood burning fireplace installed, be sure to make yourself knowledgeable about your local permit requirements and building codes for your area that must be adhered to. Whether you are installing the fireplace yourself or having a professional do it, find out the allowable emission levels for home-heating appliances and make sure that the unit you choose is below it. Also, be aware of any height limitations they may have for a wood burning chimney. Should you choose to go with a gas fireplace, installation is less expensive and much easier. Instead of a chimney, a pipe can be used for ventilation. If you “warm up” to the idea and want our help, feel free to call our team of experts. 

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