Are you thinking about purchasing a Wood Burning Pizza Oven for your yard? Perhaps a little bit of history will solidify your decision when you hear about how these fascinating contraptions have been such an integral part of our world. Wood burning ovens date back as far as 4,000 years ago. During archeological excavations, nearly every ancient civilization in the world has been discovered to have had these ancient ovens. The ovens created in Pompeii were created so well that to this day they could still be used for baking with a small amount of repairs. In fact, they discovered that they not only had these ovens, but their entire kitchen set up was very similar to modern day pizzerias, complete with a salad bar and granite countertops! Masonry ovens are mostly known to have come from Ancient Rome. However, they were actually influenced by Spanish cultures, Peru and Turkey. Back then, they were referred to as “black ovens” because of the smoke that came out of the oven from the burning wood. 

Check out some of these ovens found throughout the world: 

In Medieval times, the local Lord who owned the local oven would charge for the merchants to come and bake their bread. Of course as time moved forward, upgrades began to be made to the oven design. When it first was brought over to America, it was actually called the “Beehive Oven”. It received its name due to its dome-like shape. It became popular during the Industrial Revolution, which is why our modern day gas and electric ovens were influenced greatly by these ovens. 

Insulating materials began to be added which cut down the heating time from 2-3 hours of cook time down to around 45 minutes. Later on, the insulation process advanced to a ceramic insulation which cut down the cost of the oven and greatly increased its proficiency. They can now be created either as the traditional wood burning pizza oven or can be run on natural gas. Who knows what our current inventions will evolve into in the years to come? It is nice to give homage to our predecessors’ inventions and to really think about how they have influenced something as simple as our process of cooking. 

If you are interested in having a wood-burning pizza oven, it is easier than you may think. Hewlynn Home and Garden Center sells kits that can be purchased and installed yourself or can be installed by our professionals. Contact us today if you are interested, or stop on by to view our pizza oven in our beautifully designed showroom!

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