Are you contemplating getting a fire pit for your home? Here are some reasons on why you should say yes! For starters, the budget range for fire pits are huge. Fire pits can range anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars. Whether you are looking to have a simple metal pit or a fully customized and installed firepit is up to you.

We are in a time in history where people have become detached from nature and even more so from one another. A fire pit is a great way to get people to take a break from technology and bring them together while getting back in touch with nature. Gather around the fire and socialize while under the stars and listening to the relaxing sounds of nature. Having a place to entertain and create bonding moments is a great benefit for something as simple as a fire pit. It is also a perfect place to spend some alone time, meditate and or maybe even sit and have a glass of wine as you lounge in your own backyard.

Utilize your fire pit as a focal point for any party or even set a romantic mood for two. The cozy ambiance and beautiful glow are soothing to us as humans, as it connects to a very primal area of the brain. Fire pits have been known to lower blood pressure, promote peace, calm the nerves and induce relaxation. An added benefit is the year-round usage provided. You can truly extend your outdoor time as the weather changes. As everyone knows, you could certainly break out the s’mores and hotdogs to cook on the fire, even in the snow!

There are so many different types of fire pits that have become available. Even some of the more luxurious appearing ones are affordable. Propane fire pits are known to be safer and smokeless. They are also easy to transport. Just be sure to keep an eye on your propane levels to avoid your fire going out during your entertainment time. This can be prevented by using a propane gauge (which can be found here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center).

On top of these large amounts of benefits, keep in mind that an installed fire pit can also add value to your home should you choose to sell. It can be a real deciding factor for potential buyers. It adds to the homey feeling and is very aesthetically pleasing.

Be sure to check out our special-order selection of fire pits and feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. We have both free-standing options, as well as offering custom built installed fire pits by our sister company Basics Landscaping & Construction. Contact us today!

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