Perhaps you are wondering, do I really need mulch in my garden or in my landscape? Here are some reasons why mulch is a must-have and should be used. Be sure to use great quality mulch for the most benefit. Here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center, we have been very particular in the quality of products we provide and stock a variety of great quality mulch. We are here to answer any questions you may have to assist you in getting the most out of your landscape!


  1. Attractive and Appealing:   

Mulch is a great way to dress up your yard and really create definition around your garden beds. There are several colors to choose from, such as chocolate brown, a natural look, black or even red. Depending on your theme, layout or the colors of your flowers you can choose whichever color suits you best. No matter the color, they all provide the same benefits.


  1. Retain Moisture:

Aside from adding a pop of color to your yard or garden, mulch is also a great way to retain moisture in your soil which is surely appreciated by your plants. It also prevents erosion of the soil that may occur from heavy rain and winds.


  1. Weed Reduction:

Use mulch to suppress weeds. You will certainly see a difference in the number of weeds that formulate around your plants and in your soil.


  1. Be cool:

Mulch insulates your soil, keeping it at a cool temperature for your plants which can prevent the sun from penetrating the soil on a scolding hot day in keeping your plants alive.


  1. Increase Soil Quality:

As your mulch breaks down it can also improve the quality of your soil because mulch contains plant nutrients and minerals. It also provides beneficial microorganisms to the soil.

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