Top Benefits of Renting Tools & Equipment

Anyone who has bought tools or equipment for a job or project knows how much goes into such a purchase. Perhaps it is a one-time job and afterwards, the tool or piece of equipment will sit in your garage taking up space. Maybe you made your purchase and were happy with your machine, until you ended up having to pay for a hard to find part, repairs or maintenance. Although certain tools and equipment are important to keep on hand, purchasing others could lead to further expenses and unnecessary hassles which renting alleviates.

Here is a list of some of the top benefits of choosing to rent instead of buying! Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner in need of a tool for an at home DIY project, these benefits may pertain to you.


  1. Much lower or no cost for repair or maintenance:

From filters, specific oils, blades and labor time spent, maintaining a tool or machine can be costly. This can particularly be an issue, if you are not a mechanic and do not have experience with the machine or tool and risk damaging it and having to pay for repairs. Even if you are outsourcing your maintenance of the equipment, this is still an extra cost to you when owning a machine. Overtime these costs add up without a guarantee that your machine will last. Certain tools and equipment will sometimes still require some maintenance by a customer, however, it is not a reoccurring cost to you, as you are only doing so within the time frame of using your rental.


  1. Eliminate Depreciation:

As with anything purchased, the more time that has passed, the lower its value. When renting, you open yourself up to the variety of choices provided by your rental company and have the option to use tools and equipment that you may not have otherwise been able to afford without having made an investment which depreciated with time.


  1. Storage:

So, you’ve purchased that top of the line humongous piece of equipment. Now where will you put it? Sometimes we do not think about the storage when making such a purchase. Renting removes this concern, as you can use the equipment or machinery for the time needed and the rental company is responsible for storing it once your project is complete.


  1. Warranty Costs:

Once you have made a pricey purchase for a machine, you certainly do not want to risk it breaking and not having a warranty in place. This could lead to you having to invest out of pocket to repurchase it should anything happen. This is another benefit of renting.


  1. Lower Risk:

Contractors who have made a purchase of machines and tools must consider the risk and cost this entails. Insurance usually must be purchased to alleviate the risk of having staff members who will use it and could potentially damage your machine. When renting, the cost of this is significantly lower.


We are happy to have expanded our services and launched Hewlynn’s Tool & Equipment Rental. As with all of our services here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center, we believe in great customer service and in providing you with useful information. If you have any questions about any of our rental equipment (how to use them, what they are for, how to clean or maintain them) our knowledgeable staff can assist you and answer any questions you may have. Call today to find out pricing and availability for the tool or equipment you are in need of. We look forward to seeing you! [Check out our selection here]

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