What can be a more cozy and home-like feeling than gathering around a fire with your family or loved ones or even by yourself with a warm cup of cocoa? For thousands of years firewood has been used as a heat source. Keep your fireplace or fire pit burning or enjoy an evening meal outside with a fire burning pizza oven, all of which can be found here at Hewlynn. All of these wonderful things could not occur without “Firewood”. 

If you have just recently purchased firewood for your fireplace, you do not want to waste your hard-earned money by not storing it properly. Even worse, if you have spent the past year seasoning your own firewood, you do not want to render it unusable and have done all of that work for nothing. Find bundles or pallets of firewood here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center. Pallets can be delivered right to your home. Contact us to schedule your delivery.

Improper storage can cause your wood to absorb moisture and be unable to burn and creates an ideal nesting area for pests and insects. It also increases the risk of fungus and bacteria in your wood. Here are some tips on how to store your firewood to prevent this from happening. 

  1. You’ll want to make sure that your firewood is not being kept on the ground. It should be raised, either with a proper log rack, pallets or a home-made rack. This keeps your wood from absorbing moisture from the ground. It should be at least several inches from the ground. Hewlynn Home and Garden Center carries large and medium log racks if you are looking for one for your home. You can also stack your wood in an open shed, garage, or barn as well as long as there will still be airflow to the firewood. 
  1. When stacking your wood, do your best to choose your heaviest pieces to lay on the bottom and lay them as flat as possible. Remove any pieces that are too small and keep them separate to be used as kindling. 
  1. Your firewood should be loosely covered with a tarp or large plastic material, but should not be secured around the wood to ensure that there is still proper airflow to keep your wood dry.
  1. Be sure to choose a breezy and dry area for the location of your firewood. Also, be sure to store it a decent amount away from your home as to not attract insects and other pests. For safety purposes, try to choose an area that is away from where children or animals play, just in case your firewood happens to fall over or tumble down on them. 
  1. Keep your firewood area nice and clean. If you happen to have stored it outdoors, even if it is off of the ground, if you have weeds or grass growing, you may still run into issues with insects and critters infesting your wood. You also would add to the possibility of moisture getting to the bottom of your woodpile. Periodically check your area and protect your investment. 

Find bundles or pallets of firewood here at Hewlynn Home and Garden Center. Pallets can be delivered right to your home. Contact us to schedule your delivery.

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