A lot of people will grill all year round, but for most now is Grill Season! There are a few little secrets we can let you in on to save you some money and time throughout the Summer.

When you start the grill you only need to open the valve slightly just open minimally, by not turning the valve all the way to the open position this will save on the usage of the gas. Also be sure to turn the gas tank and burners off when you’re done grilling as well as to not waste gas!

If you prefer good ole fashioned charcoal grills then be sure to store your open or unopened bag of charcoal in a secure container perhaps a small garbage can to make sure this doesn’t get wet for prolonged use! For less mess line the bottom of the grill with some Aluminum Foil to help with clean up and disposal.

Happy Grilling if you need any last minute supplies or even The Perfect Marinade for you evening grilling you know where to find us!!


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